POW is all about power and sharing it. Created from a true happy place my art and design aims to bring out the positive power in you.

The POW earring is a simple way of adding some color and WOW to your outfit. With multiple options of color and size, you can easily find the earring that match your mood of the day. Even though they’re big in size, the POW earring is light in weight with a silver hook. This means you can wear even the biggest size all day long, without feeling like your ears are going to fall off.


Light in weight, Bold in style


I’ve always been fascinated by fashion and the impact clothes have on us. Expressing myself through style is a fun and important part of my life. What we wear not only affects how we feel and present ourself, it also has the ability of telling a story.

By creating visually I have found an even more direct way for my self-expression. Created from a joyful place my aim is to add some color and happiness to this world. With my art I simply want to make you feel good. To find out more about my art and illustration, check out the ART page below.

Even though our power lies within, we need each other to stay inspired and loving. I’d love to hear what power means to you and to see how you style your POW favorites. Share your power, share your POW!

With Love